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We all need someone who has had PD longer for their knowledge and we need someone newer to give encouragement to.

Charlie, Member | Names changed for privacy.

What I like most is the compassion that we offer to one another!! This is what God wants us to do!!

Katherine, Member | Names changed for privacy.

What I like most are the posts from ppl who stay positive and keep their sense of humor about it. That’s the best!

Shannon, Member | Names changed for privacy.

I like that I am not alone or judged.

Kaitlin, Member

It’s free, unbiased, honest and truthful. More than a doctor can tell you. They do not know what we live thru each day. You learn what books or people can’t teach.

William, Member | Names changed for privacy.

I really appreciate it most when someone says they’re having trouble with something and how they make it work anyway.
I have PD, I want to know every little tidbit that lets me live as normal as possible.

Danny, Member | Names changed for privacy.

It is wonderful to know I am not alone going through it. So far we have had it easy but one never knows.

Daria, Member | Names changed for privacy.

My husband and I have been married 50 years. Fell in love and married when we were 20 years old. “We” were diagnosed with Parkinson’s and will face all challenges together, when he can no longer do for himself I will do for him, till death do us part. This group helps me stay strong for my husband.

Janet, Member | Names changed for privacy.

This group has brought so much comfort to. Knowing I am not alone & there is no such thing as a dumb question. We learn from each other. Yes everyone is different because the disease is, but inside it is the same. The same thoughts, fears & emotions that we walk/even crawl through on a daily basis. Thank y’all for being a part of a “We”!!

Samantha, Member | Names changed for privacy.

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“There are 3 questions to ask about people. The first is “Can I trust you?” The second is “Are you committed to excellence?” And the third is “Do you care about me?” And when I measure you guys against all standards, you meet all three of them.”

-Parkinson’s Community Member