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Doctor Discussion Guide

When you visit a doctor to discuss symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, it’s important to be prepared and have a clear understanding of your concerns. In order to guide the conversation, you might consider bringing a list of symptoms you’ve experienced including tremors, stiffness, and balance issues. You should also discuss if you’ve noticed changes in handwriting, speed of movement, or problems with speech. Taking notes and preparing ahead of time can help make that essential discussion more productive.

Understand your symptoms

Keep your doctor informed about your current symptoms and medications. By using the timelining tool, you and your physician can bridge the gaps in your current treatment regime to address hours of OFF time, tremor, and/or dyskinesias throughout the day

Generate a discussion guide to use with your doctor

Within minutes, you can generate a personalized discussion guide to prepare you or your loved one to have an empowered and informed discussion with your healthcare provider to develop a treatment plan that is right for you.

Improve your journey with PD

By addressing your symptoms and how they impact you or your loved one's quality of life, you and your doctor can more accurately determine how to improve your day-to-day functions and activities.

Stay Tuned... This guide is in the works!