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More Days with GOOD ON Time

Explore a proven treatment option that reduces OFF time and dyskinesia, giving you more GOOD ON time throughout your day.

Join a virtual discussion to get your questions answered by a leading Movement Disorders Specialist. Learn about the science and management of Parkinson’s disease, what OFF time and dyskinesia look like, and how they impact good ON time, as well as a treatment option for both.

About the presenter,
Dr. Sherri Gould

Sherrie Gould, NP, is a nurse practitioner who specializes in the care of patients with movement disorders such as Parkinson’s disease, essential tremor, and dystonia. She also works as a deep brain stimulation (DBS) programming educator speaking to both patients and medical professionals around the country.  Her passion is empowering people with Parkinson’s to set lofty goals, as a consequence, has led hiking trips around the globe with Parkinson’s patients and their family members.